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segments per <rect> corner
segments per Beziér curve



SVG max. size: 262144 bytes.

If the map holds lots of details, circles or transformations, it is advised to separate the SVG into smaller parts.

No support of element groups! Un-group all objects before uploading.

Cheat sheet


GeneralThe script supports <line>, <rect>, <polyline>, <polygon>, <circle>, <ellipse> and <path> as well as all transformations.
What a drawn object will become depends on the content of its <title> tag (Inkscape: "Object" -> "Object Properties").
Spawns1. Draw a line.
2. Set the title to "spawn" or the color to rgb(255,128,0).
3. Check the "Spawn points" option when uploading.
The first point is the actual spawn point, the next one defines the direction. Everything else is discarded.
Zones1. Draw a circle.
2. Set the title or the stroke color to one of the following:
  • win - rgb(0,192,0)
  • death - rgb(240,0,0)
  • fortress - rgb(0,64,240)
  • ball - rgb(128,128,128)
  • flag - rgb(240,0,240)
  • target - rgb(0,240,240)
  • rubber - rgb(240,192,0)
  • sumo - rgb(192,96,0)

The resulting diameter is the average of vertical and horizontal diameter. Checking the "Zone growth" option adds a growth attribute. Death zone is the default if neither title nor color are recognized.
When using path-arc, only the arc is evaluated, everything else discarded.
Converting a circle into a node path turns the zone into a circular wall (path command changes from arc to beziér). Often this happens automatically when re-opening a file; try nudging the zone a bit and check the XML.
Transformed zones might have their position or size altered.
WallsEverything that is not recognized as spawn point or zone will become a wall. Checking the "Wall height" option adds a height attribute: filled if the title is numeric, otherwise empty.
MiscAgain, ungroup everything before uploading. In case the SVG was generated with the previewer's SVG mode: spawn points and zone center marks are grouped objects too.
Similarily, when multiple objects look unconnected but are defined within the same path, they need to be split into separate paths (Inkscape: "Path" -> "Break apart").
If both the object's title and color are set, the title will be used preferentially. Objects with the title set to "nodraw" will be ignored completely.

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